Key ESG Ratings

Sustainability at a Glance

Accelerating Climate Action

Accelerating Climate Action


Properties obtained sustainable building certifications1

(2022: 88%)


Major mixed-use developments achieved 3-Star/GOLD or above sustainable building certifications1

(2022: 94%)


Investment properties completed Climate Risk and Vulnerability Assessment

(2022: 77%)


Sustainable building certifications included BEAM/BEAM Plus, LEED, WELL and Green Building Evaluation Label.

Putting People First

Putting People First


Employee trained rate

(2022: 98.6%)


Women in senior positions2

(2022: 34%)

8.8 per 1,000 employees

Work-related injury rate3

(2022: 6.92)


Refers to senior director grade or above.


Refers to recordable employee work-related injuries that resulted in incapacity for a period exceeding three days. Detailed investigation and corrective measures, including increased safety training, have been implemented to address the increase in injury cases.

Amplifying Our Power

Amplifying Our Power

HK$ 24.7million


(2022: HK$12.1 million)


Community initiatives

(2022: 550+)


Contractors / suppliers are governed by Vendor Code of Conduct

(2022: 94%)


Operations are governed by green procurement guidelines

(2022: 84%)

Sustainability Governance & Finance

Sustainability Governance & Finance


Sustainability Council

chaired by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


ESG policies in force

Sustainability-linked loans


of the Group’s total loan facilities4


As at 31 December 2023, the Group’s total sustainability-linked loan facilities stood at approximately HK$41,116 million.

The reporting scope of ESG data as outlined in Sustainability Highlight 2023 is defined as follows:

- Environmental data covers our owned and managed investment properties in Hong Kong and the Mainland.

- Value chain and community-related performance data cover our managed properties and property projects under development in Hong Kong and the Mainland (exclude hotels).

- People-related data pertains solely to staff members directly employed by KPL (excludes hotels).

Our Stories on Sustainability

Sustainability Vision 2030

All the 18 Measurable Targets are on Track.

Accelerating Climate Action

Collaborating across the Value Chain for Carbon Neutrality

  • Carbon Neutrality
  • Sustainable Buildings
Sustainable Cities and CommunitiesClimate Action

Putting People First

Creating "People-first Places" for Our Stakeholders

  • Be Well
  • Training and Engagement
Good Health and Well-beingGender Equality Decent Work and Economic Growth

Amplifying Our Power

Building a Vibrant and Harmonious Community that Brings Benefits for All

  • Community Investment
  • Supply Chain Engagement
Decent Work and Economic GrowthSustainable Cities and CommunitiesResponsible Consumption and Production