Under the Board’s delegation, the Group’s Sustainability Steering Committee (the “Committee”) is chaired by our Executive Director and Board member, which has direct advisory supervision on the Group’s sustainability strategy, workplans and performance targets.

The Committee which comprises senior executives of key functions and business units meets biannually to review the Group’s sustainability plans and receive quarterly reports from the sub-committees. The Committee shoulders the responsibility for overseeing the Group’s sustainability agenda, strategies, policies and performances.

The following diagram illustrates our sustainability governance framework:

  • Chairman and CEO/Board of Directors

    Oversee the Group’s long-term sustainability strategic direction and approves major business priorities to improve sustainability performance and reporting.

  • Sustainability Steering Committee

    Develops and executes KPL's sustainability strategy, work plans and performance targets to advance KPL's ESG leadership.

  • Convener

    The Convener is acted by the Senior Director of the Sustainability & Communication Team, who drives the practical implementation of sustainability initiatives.

  • Audit and Corporate Governance Committee

    Reviews and monitors external audit, internal audit, risk management and internal controls, and corporate governance related matters.

  • Environmental Initiatives Sub-Committee

    Reviews the effectiveness of the Group’s strategies and initiatives to ensure environmental sustainability.

  • Sustainable Employee Engagement Sub-Committee

    Plans for and formulates sustainable employee engagement initiatives to be implemented in the Group’s operations and encourage employee participation.

  • CSR and Community Engagement Sub-Committee

    Plans for and formulates CSR and community engagement initiatives to be implemented in the Group’s operations, aligning with international best practices.

  • Corporate Governance Sub-committee

    Monitors the updates of the Listing Rules in relation to corporate governance and ESG reporting to ensure compliance.

  • Health and Safety Management Taskforce

    Ensures the effectiveness of occupational health and safety (OHS) related operational controls and management programmes.

  • Climate Transition Taskforce

    Provides analysis related to the implementation of carbon transition strategies, initiatives and contributions to carbon neutrality.

  • Greenery Enhancement Taskforce

    Engages with employees and a wider community (e.g. tenants) to participate in the greenery enhancement initiatives.

  • Risk Management Taskforce

    Adopts international best practices on risk management and integrates ESG risks factors into the Group’s Risk Matrix.

Sustainable Finance

The Group recognises sustainable finance as a key course to facilitate long-term investments in sustainable economic activities and projects. We established a sustainable finance framework to further set out how the utilisation of sustainable finance instruments would contribute to the Group’s sustainability strategy and vision. The framework has been assured with a second-party opinion (SPO)  to align with market practices and expectations from the investment community.

  1. Sustainable Finance Framework
  2. Second-party Opinion (SPO)