ddd Sustainability Spotlights - Building Community

A thriving local ecosystem is integral to our business and the community at large. Hence, we mobilise our resources to enable SMEs to reach greater scales, which in turn boosts the local economy. This is also in line with the national strategy to support the Street Stall Economy.

As soon as it was safe to do so, we resumed our community initiatives in the Mainland. These initiatives focus on innovative ideas to revitalise local economies where businesses can thrive. We appeal to all ages and interests to add vibrancy to the entire community.

Launching Night Markets

The virgin launch of our night markets in 2019 has sparked the local interest in street stalls, fairs and markets. Riding on this success, we launched additional markets in Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou in 2020.

Shanghai Jing An Kerry Centre - Green Escape Street

Shenyang Kerry Centre - Xiematai Night Market

Hangzhou Kerry Centre - Green Escape Street

Shanghai Kerry Parkside - Wonderful Summer Market

Beijing Kerry Centre - Always-On Fair

Shanghai Kerry Everbright City Phase III – Enterprise Centre Savoury Piazza



During the post-COVID-19 era, our night market across the Mainland portfolio achieved great success in boosting local economy and revitalising the communities. In 2020, the night market generated around 32 million RMB sales and attracted around 10 million visitors, providing a vibrant and supportive platform for 385 SMEs to explore new business opportunities and mitigate sales loss caused by the pandemic.