The most effective way to stay well is to inspire and empower people to make positive lifestyle changes and reap lifelong benefits. Kerry Properties launched Step Challenge in Hong Kong in 2018 and in the Mainland in 2020 to encourage employees to make exercise a habit while contributing to the community.

Step Challenge 2022 Awards Ceremony

In Hong Kong, Step Challenge 2022 was held for 38 days between June and July, drawing more than 400 employees and 26 teams with 130 million-plus steps accumulated. We donated a lunchbox for every 10,000 steps our staff contributed. As a result, Kerry Properties has collaborated with four NGOs to donate over 13,000 lunchboxes and food packs to needy people for six months. The momentum will also continue in the Mainland in October.

ESG Think Tank volunteer helping with meal distribution for NGOs benefitted from Step Challenge 2022

Maintaining a habit of regular exercise may not always be easy. However, as our colleagues reflected, knowing their efforts could share love and help others has motivated them to keep going. Furthermore, launching the event in multiple cities has magnified its impact and charitable outcomes.