We recognise the need to help people achieve self-reliance especially when the community is going through a difficult time.

To strengthen the impacts of our community investments, our staff members arranged on-site visits to the charitable organisations in order to listen to and collect feedback from the beneficiaries. Through direct communication, we are able to allocate our donations to better respond to community needs.

Support to the Community amid COVID-19 (Shanghai and Hong Kong)

During the pandemic, we have sought to alleviate the impact on underprivileged groups in our neighbouring communities.

Social Integration Programme for Autistic Children (Beijing and Hangzhou)

To support children with autism, we organised a series of events including a one-day site visit and tailor-made vocational training at the Hangzhou Kerry Centre. Beijing Kerry Centre also rolled out the “Different Socks Day 2020” to raise awareness for people with mental disorders. In addition, we offered financial support for a specialised treatment curriculum delivered by a local autism organisation.

Charity Bazaar (Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong)

LOVE in Kerry at Beijing Kerry Centre and Future Smile Charity Festival at Jing An Kerry Centre in Shanghai. These bazaars featuring organic and eco-friendly products to support local handcraft artists and stay-at-home mothers, provided platforms for entrepreneurs to network and contribute to the local economy.

Supporting Rural Students (Hangzhou and Southern China)

Our volunteers from southern China also paid a visit to rural students in Daping, Guangdong Province. Donations were made to purchase nutritious food, which could support the students’ daily nutritional needs for the entire semester.

Promoting Good Life Goals (Hong Kong)

To encourage our customers and the public to join us in achieving the UNSDGs, we organised a campaign on ‘Good Life Goals’ at MegaBox to educate the public on what they can do at individual level to contribute to these global objectives. Photo booths and treasure hunts were available to educate shoppers and kids in a lively and interesting manner.


Through donations and community building, we seek to develop strong relationships with diverse groups of stakeholders including vulnerable and disadvantaged groups and other local organisations.