KPL is committed to building a healthy environment so that our employees, tenants and residents and other building occupants will experience a secure and comfortable atmosphere.

We have incorporated various building features to enhance visual and acoustic comfort, such as installing glass curtain walls to allow for ample natural daylight and outside views, as well as incorporating acoustic insulation to improve sound quality. We have also integrated greenery and natural elements into the interior and open space of our properties.

We create communities that prioritise healthy eating and well-being. One way our company supports healthy and sustainable eating patterns is by partnering with F&B tenants who provide vegetarian options for customers. This partnership increases access to nutritious food choices and promotes a healthier lifestyle.

Apart from the above, we regularly organise health and wellness programmes for tenants and residents, such as yoga class, frisbee, night run and green workshops.

Town Hall Meeting with the CEO at Kinetic Space. (Shanghai)