At Kerry Properties, our dedication lies in fostering sustainable practices throughout our operations. In line with our commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles, we undertook a supply chain risk assessment. This assessment encompassed various ESG aspects and specifically targeted suppliers and vendors involved in our property management services in Hong Kong and the Mainland, considering their business relevance and ESG performance as screening factors.


Through this assessment, we gained valuable insights into the prevalent ESG risks within our supply chain. The key ESG aspects included were as follows:

  • Environment: environmental management system, goals and performance monitoring, and biodiversity commitment
  • Social: Commitment on against forced labour, human trafficking and child labour, policy on equal remuneration, freedom of association and right to collective bargaining, and anti-discrimination practices
  • Governance: sustainability governance, strategy, and management plan


Having received over 570 survey responses, this assessment has empowered us to proactively identify and address ESG risks within our supply chain. By prioritising responsible practices and pursuing continuous improvement, we strive to create a resilient and sustainable supply chain that aligns seamlessly with our core sustainability values.