The most effective wellness initiatives are those that empower people to make positive lifestyle changes and reap lifelong benefits. Given the heavy burden the pandemic has placed on so many, we have seized the opportunity to promote staff wellness for a good cause.

To encourage our employees to develop the habit of regular exercise, we relaunched the Step Challenge in the Mainland in 2020. This time, we have extended the challenge to 66 days, which studies show is the amount of time it takes to form a habit.

Each step walked by our employees will turn into donation with a charitable cause

The momentum continues in our 2021 edition. In Hong Kong, the Step Challenge was held for 6 weeks between June and July. More than 500 employees participated, with a total walking distance equivalent to 3.5 times around the world. Based on steps accumulated, the company made donations to the 66 charities chosen by our staff.

Maintaining a habit of regular exercise may not always be easy. However, as our colleagues reflected, knowing that their efforts could share love and help others inspired them to keep going. Furthermore, launching the challenge in multiple cities magnified its impact and charitable outcomes.